I want to boop Mark's thighs.

sent a message to swagiplier (Madison) so she can give it to Mark. I hope she gives it to him, and I’m happy she gets to meet him!! :D

To: Mark

To: Mark

My face next to Mark’s looks so weird… O.o

Me every time Mark mentions himself being pretty:


Id like to clairify im making ball jokes and im laughing at them.

Are we gunna give Mark big balls or little balls?

GUYS, if we want Markicon to have a big ball pit, we need to give Mark some balls!




What if there was a MarkiCon, and everyone subscribed to Mark was emailed a ticket for the convention…

At least we’d have a bigger ball pit.

This could be taken a few different ways

I dont think Mark has that many balls… we’d have to give him some of ours.

Mark needs to do a usa tour thing where he visits all the states…



Out of the 8 reactions to Mark, I feel like this:



Have a random cherry that I drew for no reason at all